What the Money Mastery Immersion is all about

Join Kara-Leah for an intimate, inspirational, and insightful six-week Money Mastery Immersion packed full of tools, maps, and processes designed to radically shift your financial reality. It’s next-level financial literacy delivered in an easy-to-implement manner, PLUS deep subconscious work on mindset and desire that anyone can do. And… there’s magic. For real. It’s a thing. More on that later.

The Tantrik path emphasises as its goals awakening, liberation AND enjoyment of life. That enjoyment of life is often translated as prosperity and wealth. Whilst awakening and liberation must always be predominant (or you’ll succumb to materialism and hedonism) Tantra recognises that we are here in material existence and so we might as well enjoy it and prosper.

That means it’s possible to use the teachings, practices and tools of Tantra to liberate and prosper financially and materially. That’s what this six weeks is all about.