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Course curriculum

  • 1

    An Introduction to The Library of Resources

    • How to Access your Resources

  • 2

    Video Resources

    • What is a 21st Century Tantrika?

    • RELATIONSHIPS • Do I stay or do I go? Skilful management of triggering circumstances & relationships

    • The Role of Embodiment Practices in Awakening & Liberation

    • Pratibhā • The Movement of Essence Nature

    • On Showing Up, Dropping Down and Seeing What Happens

    • Practice • All that is perceived is the body

    • Legends of the Mahāsiddhas • Godhuripa, The Bird Catcher

    • Four Phases of Awakening

    • An Introduction to the Tantrik Four Stage Practice

    • Reflections on Direct Experiences of the Practice of Brahmacharya

    • The Third Phase of Awakening • The Void

    • The Path of Tantra • Living in Process

    • How to Deal with Triggers in a Relationship

    • How to deal with Fear-based People & Environments

  • 3

    Awareness Cultivation Meditations

    • Open Space Meditation

    • Alternating Between Innerverse & Outerverse Meditation

    • Expanded Awareness Meditation • Om Yoga Studio • May 2021

    • Equality Of All Phenomenon Meditation

    • Cake Savouring Meditation

    • Orientation To Essence Nature Meditation

    • Shakti Shiva Meditation

    • SKILL LEARNING • Deep Listening Instructions

    • PRACTICE • Expanded and Contracted Awareness • July 2021

    • Awareness Training Meditation

    • Four Pointed Awareness Meditation

    • Playing With Awareness Meditation

    • PRACTICE • What is the quality of this Moment before you have a Thought about it?

    • PRACTICE: Shakeity Shake Embodiment Practice

  • 4

    Energy Body & Emotion Processing Meditations

    • Four Stage Tantrik Yoga Practice including Uccara

    • Opening to Receive Nourishment

    • Golden Column Meditation

    • A Practice for Working with Triggered Energy & Emotion

    • FULL MOON CEREMONY • Kali Chanting Fire Ceremony.

  • 5

    Desire & Creation Meditations

    • Vision Meditation

    • Embodying the Essence of a Person you Admire

    • PRACTICE • Visioning Journey

    • Desired Reality Meditation

  • 6

    Void Practices

    • PRACTICE • Black Hole Meditation

    • Tantrik Tibetan Buddhist Bardo Practice

  • 7

    Blessings Meditations

    • PRACTICE • Blessings on the Goddess

  • 8

    Teachings from The Reality Sutras by Shambhavi Saraswati

    • Reality Sutras • Reality Is knowable

    • Reality Sutras • Desire Is required

    • Reality Sutras • The Whole Of Life

    • The Reality Sutras • Belief, Faith & Trust Are Obstacles

  • 9


    • Micro-Practice • How Can We Know Anything?

    • Micro-Practice • The Power Of Wanting What Is

    • Micro-Practice • Body In The Centre Of Awareness Field

  • 10

    Embodiment Practices

    • Sahaja Embodiment Practice Part 1

    • Sahaja Embodiment Practice Part 2

    • Sahaja Embodiment Practice Part 3

    • Spinal Rotations Practice

    • Embodiment Practice • October 6, 2021

  • 11


    • The Recognition Sutras • A Bedtime Story

    • A Reading of The Spiritual Disclaimer by Jed McKenna

    • A Contemplation Exercise using the work of Jed McKenna

    • The View • A Reading from Tantra Illuminated

  • 12

    Lockdown Diaries

    • Covid19 • How I'm handling it

    • Lockdown Day #2 • Reflections from NZ

    • Lockdown Day #4 • The Golden Opportunity to Skilfully work with Triggers & Digest Samskara

    • Lockdown Day #5 • Feeling & Digesting CURRENT emotions

    • Lockdown Day #7 • Supermarket Shopping with Intention

    • Lockdown Day #8 • The power of working with Kali Mantra

    • Lockdown Day #13 • Into the Darkness, and Back Again

    • Lockdown Day #16 • Observations from the Darkness

    • The End of Lockdown Level 4 • Summary of the Journey into the Darkness

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Kara-Leah is a transformational leader and teacher primarily influenced by the teachings of Classical Tantra.

Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned Direct Realization Tantra Teacher, retreat leader and author. She has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, Kara-Leah practices and teaches an integrated householder path of awakening. This path is grounded in Tantra and focuses on dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper heart-felt presence. Kara-Leah’s work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of compassionate inquiry to reveal conditioned mind, and so help people to drop down into being-ness and presence.