An overview of the Course content

Subject to change, depending on the needs of the group

  • 1

    Week 1 & 2

    • Welcome to Envision Execute Enjoy + Webinar Link + 1:1 Session Discount Code

    • Your EEE Mentor

    • TASK • Introduce yourself on the EEE Community

    • TASK • New Moon Ritual

    • PRACTICE • Four Pointed Awareness

    • PRACTICE • Orientation to Essence Nature

    • TASK • Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • PRACTICE • Desired Future Self Meditation

    • EXERCISE • Brainstorming with Inquiry

    • EXERCISE: Pruning the Tree (for streamlining businesses and projects)

  • 2

    Week 3 & 4

    • TASK • Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • VIDEO • How to be with Fear and other Challenging Emotions

    • EXERCISE • A Five Step Process for Devouring, Digesting and Dissolving Samskaras

    • PRACTICE • Befriending Fear

    • Resource: A Broad Overview for Understanding and Working with Nervous System Responses

    • TASK • New Moon Ritual #2

    • TASK • Create an Altar

  • 3

    Week 5 & 6

    • TASK • Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • TASK: Create a Heart's Desire Map

    • PRACTICE • Opening to Receive Nourishment

    • PRACTICE • Blessings on the Goddess

  • 4

    Week 7 & 8

    • TASK • Check in with Your Map & Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • PRACTICE • Embodying Love

    • PRACTICE • Stoking the Inner Fire + Vision Meditation

    • PRACTICE • Boundaries Meditation

    • TASK • New Moon Ritual #3

  • 5

    Week 9 & 10

    • TASK • Check in with Your Map & Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • TASK • Energy Leaks Environment Scan and Plugging

    • PRACTICE • Embodying the Essence of a Person you Admire

    • TASK • Working with Timeframes & Containers

    • EXERCISE • Contemplation or Inquiry - What are you willing to renounce or burn up?

    • EXERCISE • State Change & The Scale of Consciousness

    • EXERCISE • Contemplation on the Death of Duality and Polarisation

    • EXERCISE • Avenues of Potentiality

  • 6

    Week 11 & 12

    • TASK • Check in with Your Map & Action your Three Concrete Steps

    • PRACTICE • Opening the Gates of the Heart & Root Practice

    • Pratibhā • The Movement of Essence Nature

    • Teaching from the Reality Sutras • Desire Is required

    • PRACTICE • Vision Meditation

    • PRACTICE • Visioning Journey

    • Working with the Practices • The Final Overview

    • TASK • New Moon Ritual #4

    • The Desired Reality Complete Road Map

    • PRACTICE • The 20 Year Vision

Working with Kara-Leah

April Pirie • Vocal Coach

"Kara-Leah put together a 12 week programme specifically focussed on my needs. I find it hard to articulate how valuable those 12 weeks were for me. Each week brought on huge shifts in me. Kara-Leah guided my sessions based on how I was showing up at that time, rather than measured by a preconceived marker of how I should be showing up. She provided me with follow-up emails, and content that related to our sessions so that I could get the most out of the program. By the end of the 3 months I had built a website, applied to host a vocal workshop at my favourite summer festival, and I had clarity on how to start stepping out into the world."

Heather • Ignite Your Career Programme

"Thank you so much for all the goodness you bring! I love that it felt magical from the moment I noticed Ignite Your Career on Facebook. The course was seamless and I felt your commitment to me from the get go. Your commitment flowed on to my commitment to show up fully and to the commitment of the whole group maintaining a high level of integrity. I really needed this at a time when I've felt quite lost or isolated in letting my true self come forward in a business-minded way. I loved the way it all evolved. The focus and attention I felt you gave us was 100%, sacred, respectful, honest and encouraging. You have a gift at helping to transform the blockages and I am so grateful for that. I feel the magic created on this course and the connections made here are for life."

Donna Swart • The Great Create Retreat

"I have ticked off my 3 tasks for this weeks and it felt in flow and “almost too easy”…so I’m noticing that and feeling a strong feeling of power and grace and alignment like never before. The Great Create was divine timing and the most delicious way to bask in the beautiful life we are all creating, knowing I’m not alone and in the “hard stuff” of LIFE, I’ve also found the ease and trust in the process. Kia kaha."

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