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    Access TWO living libraries of audio, video, and text resources, and then practice & connect Live with Kara-Leah in her Tantrik Yoga Classes, Practice Lab & monthly Satsang.

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    Ask questions about your practice in a supportive space, share your experiences with others, and enjoy being part of a Tantrik community.

  • Integrate

    Devour, digest and dissolve childhood trauma and wounds (samskaras), and dissolve old patterns of behaviour and uninstall limiting beliefs (vikalpas) in your monthly 1:1 Session with Kara-Leah.

What People Say

Kara-Leah has supported thousands of people on the spiritual path through 1:1 sessions, online courses, trainings, workshops and retreats.

1:1 Sessions


"Kara-Leah’s clarity, honesty and generosity allow me to open to the truth of my own light and shadow. Her intuitive and skilled direction makes it possible for me to discover and say goodbye to old samskaras that no longer serve.”

1:1 Sessions


“Kara-Leah has a rare combination of depth and genuine care. Doing a session with her felt like a psychedelic experience. Using my body as a gateway, I went through my deepest and most persistent patterns, traumas, fears, and energies. It was a cathartic, healing, and empowering process. And as deep as I was taken into my own world and spiritual landscape, I truly felt like she was right by my side with such gentle care the entire time. I could really trust her in these depths, because I know she has done the work to go deeeeep into herself as well.. If you feel stuck in any way, I’d recommend working with Kara-Leah to move your blocks and energy on a deep, embodied, and fundamental level.”

1:1 Sessions

Beth, Auckland, NZ

"I first encountered Kara-Leah through a yoga training course. I was going through a bit of an awakening in my own life and fighting it at every turn. She was a gift that showed up right when I needed it the most. Immediately upon meeting her, I felt safe and her presence gave me the realization that I did not need to go through this alone. Her guidance and support has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. My work with Kara-Leah has allowed me to fully step into my own personal power. The work Kara-Leah does is important, we all deserve the opportunity to heal."

Meet your Teacher

Kara-Leah is a transformational leader and teacher primarily influenced by the teachings of Classical Tantra

Kara-Leah Grant

Kara-Leah is an internationally-renowned Direct Realization Tantra Teacher, retreat leader and author. She has impacted millions of people over the last decade through her articles, books, videos and teaching. Passionate about liberation in this lifetime, Kara-Leah practices and teaches an integrated householder path of awakening. This path is grounded in Tantra and focuses on dissolving layers of the conditioned mind into deeper and deeper heart-felt presence. Kara-Leah’s work, through her teaching, writing and retreats, focuses on using the process of compassionate inquiry to reveal conditioned mind, and so help people to drop down into being-ness and presence.

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